Zippo Strait to You

Zippo Pine Bar

Zippo Pat Bars

Three Bars

Leo Pat X Leo
Dollie Pine Poco Pine X Poco Bueno
Hobo Sue
Skips BJ Skippers Command Man in Command
Taffy Skip
Miss BJ's Roan Curtis Hancock
Dixie Flit Bar


Ms Tal Tender
1 Performance point earning offspring

Tender Smokaway

Skip's Bartender

Skipper's King X Skipper W
Halter (18 pts) Performance (4 pts)
Grand Champion at Halter

Skipper's Bustle X Skipper W
Skipa Smoke Skipador X Skipper W
HJ Smoke Along X Holy Smoke
Thrice A Lady The Redeemer
Superior Halter & ROM
Top Most X Brush Topnotch
Poposheeta X Brush Topnotch
Superior Halter
ROM Western Pleasure
Deck's Fancy Deck Record X Roy Deck
17 Halter points/25 Performance points
Fancy B King X Tom Bee King

Zippo Strait To You - Accomplishments
Open Superior Western Pleasure
Open Superior Western Riding
Incentive Fund Earnings $3,973.00
Points in Halter, Trail, and Hunter Hack

Earnings - $7,569.00
1992 Reserve High Point 2 year Snaffle Bit Horse in the Nation
1994 High point Hunter Under Saddle Maturity Horse in the Nation

1030 Points in Seven Events
World Champion Hunter Under Saddle Stakes
World Champion Working Hunter all Ages
World Champion Senior Hunter hack
World Champion Senior Western Riding
World Champion Senior Ranch horse
Reserve World Champion Jr. Western Pleasure
Reserve World Champion 2 yr Old Snaffle Bit
Reserve World Champion 4 yr Old maturity
Reserve World Champion Jr. Hunter Under Saddle Reserve World Champion Sr. Western Riding
Reserve World Champion Sr. Western Pleasure